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Our Vision
The MX Academic Cup is the new student design competition launched in Aachen for teams all over the world. In teams, students build a motocross competition motorcycle and compete against other universities. The best compromise between usability and sustainability wins. Student teams participate for in all MX Academic Cup events and get exclusive Education and career opportunities. For this very new Student Competition the organisers start with a contact event to focus the interest community for participating Student Teams and supporting Companies.
The Team
Our team consists of dedicated students of RWTH and FH Aachen
Why should you participate in MX Academic Cup
Engineering challenge
While designing a motorcycle, you have to take many factors into consideration like safety, performance, sustainability, and strict regulations, while still implementing your innovative ideas like choice of the type of powertrain. Our Cup is the best opportunity to face that challenge!
During the whole time of the Competition you can meet many amazing people from participating teams and sponsoring companies. Thanks to that you can get inspired by other people's ideas and enjoy the community built around the Cup!
Sustainability development
Connecting motocross with sustainability demands may seem to be unmatching, but motorcycles are produced in hundreds of thousands. Sustainability is a crucial factor for economy matters so including it into our Cup is beneficial for your awareness about cases where business and engineering meets!


Contact Event 1

Contact meeting with participating student teams and supporting companies. The aim of this event is to introduce the competition context to the guests and to experience it with them.


The student team compete against each other and present their prototypes under the proof of sustainability and usability.

Participation in the MX Academic Cup is free for student teams. The members of the participating teams have to be Officaly students. It is allowed that team members are enrolled at different universitys. The team must have five students at least. The teams must also have a supervising institute of their university to attend the MX Academic Cup. The Institutes contact person must be employed at the University! Participating student teams have to attend the following events.